Kind of Dhow Cruises

 In Deira Dubai and Marina Dubai There are following Dhow Cruises Operating.

  1. Dubai Deira Creek Small Cruise With Standard Buffet Dinner: In the Creek of Deira Dubai, small cruises operating with the capacity of approx 100 people. this kind of dhow cruise consist of main deck and upper deck with equal seating capaicty. This kind of dhow cruises operating daily in deira creek dubai from 8.30pm to 10.30pm the boarding time 7.30pm to 8pm. Once The dhow cruise started from its parking its goes toward floating bridge / Maktoon Bridge, taking U-Turn and going Towards Gold Souq and coming back in the same parking.  The service on board is International buffet dinner with both veg and non veg option and danura dance show. 
  2. Dubai Deira Creek And Marina Dubai  Medium Cruise With 4 Star buffet Dinner:  This kind of dhow cruise capacity is 150 people at a time equally divided in both main deck and upper deck. its also 2 hour cruising with dinner and entertainment as a tanura show. The specialty of this cruise that its big in size and the food coming from 4 Star Hotel in dubai. most of the people likes the delicious food with both the option of veg and non veg. This type of Cruises operating both Deira creek Dubai and Marina Dubai. 
  3. Dubai Deira Creek and Marina Dubai Big Cruise with 5 Star buffet Dinner:  The big curise with the capacity of 250 people capacity divided in main deck and upper deck. The food is coming from the 5 star hotel. In deira cruise there are 3 live entertainments, arabic traditional dance, tanura dance and live singing. its start at 9pm to 11pm and boarding time 8.30pm. In marian 5 star cruise is of Fiber glass with both main deck and upper deck with the capacity of 250 people capacity, its from 8.30pm to 10.30pm with boarding time 7.30pm to 8pm. the speciality of this cruise that its goes towards burjularab depending upon weather conditon. in the entertainmet there is live sexophone playing on board. 
  4. Sun set 5 star Cruise in Dubai Marina: This curise operating in marina area for both day and night view for 2 hours, its boarding time is 4.30pm and sailing 5pm to 7pm, The food is coming from 5 star hotel and this cruise will give you beautiful marina sight seeing view.