Food Serve on Dhow Cruise

One of the best things in dhow cruises are there delicious food, food lovers can enjoy unlimited open buffet dinner on board. Most of the food providing by the well know catering companies to dhow cruises, which consist both the options of vegetarian and non vegetarian.

The quality of food is superb and it has always been a fresh food dinner, where one can choose different variety of food and can enjoy in the romantic waves of the sea.

Whereas some of the companies having their own kitchen, where they prepared tasty food for dhow cruise and serve in buffet to valued guests.

Most of the people plan outing or get together with their friends or family in dhow cruises where they enjoyed lavish buffet dinner, cursing and entertainments.

Once guests arrived at the dinner dhow cruise either in Marina or Deira creek they were being served with dates, gawa and Juices, where  they get Salads and starters, Main course and desserts.